Jonathan Carroll | Photojournalist

Jonathan Carroll was the in-house photographer for a small fashion resale company named Madison Avenue Couture for 7 year. This opportunity gave him steady pay in order to develop a more personal portfolio on the side , and keep his knowledge of studio photography sharp. Now, he is a freelance photographer in Jersey City, New Jersey focusing on long-form visual storytelling, spot news, and social events, as well as a contributor to the local paper The Jersey Journal.  His talents lie in getting up close and personal to his subjects so the viewer feels as if they were apart of the moment being captured. Educated at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, he was taught to look within, which is why his photographs have a tendency to focus on diversity and daily life in underrepresented communities. As a proud member of the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA), he approaches every subject with respect, regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, or socioeconomic status. If you have a story to tell, he would love to be there.

Jonathan continues to offer limited still life and product photography services out of his studio in Jersey City NJ.  Contact him directly at (732)236-6059 with details and deadlines. If you have a style guide, please send it to Jon@ImJonCarroll.com so that he can review it with you during the phone call.



BFA Photography

School of Visual Arts | 2007 -- 1 of 2 Graduate recipients of the 2008 Le Book Award




Jersey City, NJ 07307

New York City area