Jonathan Carroll

Jonathan Carroll | Fine Art and Still Life Photographer

Jonathan Carroll is a still life photographer in the NYC area, photographing objects and narratives wherever his lens takes him.  With a BFA in photography from the School of Visual Arts, he couples technical skills with his passion for learning about everyday life in order to provide stunning creative imagery for a diverse group of entrepreneurs, designers, and experience makers.

Jonathan continues to offer still life and product photography services out of his studio in Jersey City NJ.  Contact him directly at (732)236-6059 with details and deadlines. If you have a style guide, please send it to so that he can review it with you during the phone call.  Projects of particular interest include:


  • Behind the Scenes Photography

  • Conceptual still life/narrative still life photography

  • New brand product photography

  • Cataloging (safe handling of fragile and rare items guaranteed)


What does the future hold in terms of personal projects?  If you need any assistance documenting the following the subjects please contact him immediately:


  • Conservation

  • Agriculture

  • Plant-based living

  • Alternative housing

  • Visual clues of climate change throughout nature (particular interest in macro subjects like plants vs desolate landscapes)

  • Culture extinction

  • Diversity



BFA Photography

School of Visual Arts | 2007 -- 1 of 2 Graduate recipients of the 2008 Le Book Award



Jersey City, NJ 07307

New York City area